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Annika Ström

Annika Ström

Ström’s project for the fair comprised ten performers acting the roles of ‘Ten Embarrassed Men’. These men navigated the fair as a group, identifiable by their matching clothing and demeanour.  Often putting herself in difficult or uncomfortable situations to perform songs, Ström’s work centres around some of the mechanics of art-making, and her personal and heartfelt exposé of elements of her private life. These performers played the part of men embarrassed by a specific issue – in this case the representation of women in art fairs.

Annika Ström (b.1964) is a Swedish artist based in Hove. Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘The title of the show is too sad’, Galleria Sonia Rosso, Turin (2010); ‘Made in France by Annika Ström’, Onestar Press, Paris (2010); and ‘Möbler för festvåningen’, Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm . Recent group projects include: ‘Playing the city II’, Shirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (2010); ‘Vidéothèque éphémère-Faux Amis, Jeu de paume, Paris (2010); ‘Welt in der Hand/ World in your Hand’, Städtische Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Dresden (2010).

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