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Peles Empire

Peles Empire is a collaboration by Katharina Stoever and Barbara Wolff, founded in 2005. Their work took as its source material Peles, a Romanian castle sited at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Built between 1873 and 1913, the castle’s architecture is a clash of historical styles ranging from Renaissance to Gothic Revival, Art Deco to Rococo. Peles Empire has previously functioned as an exhibition space, salon and bar, as well as a collaborative force. Stoever and Wolff have reproduced nine different rooms of the castle, recreating them with simple photocopied montages. Themes of reproduction, reconstruction and transformation, as evident in the history of Peles have formed the thread of Stoever and Wolff’s production. At Frieze Art Fair, Peles Empire installed a bar that acts as a Gesamtkunstwerk in which everything – from the reproduced room and its decorative furnishings, to the serving of guests and taking part in the fair – was part of the work.

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Katharina Stoever (b.1982) and Barbara Wolff (b. 1980) are German artists based in London. Exhibitions presented in the Peles Empire spaces in London and Cluj include: Shannon Bool (2011); ‘Paul McCarthy’s Cap’, and Kerstin Kmelka, (2010). Peles Empire shows in other locations include ‘Men’,, Rotterdam; ‘The Big Armory,’ Maes & Matthys Gallery, Antwerp (both 2009); and ‘The Mystery of Life’ at MAK Center for Art & Architecture at the Schindler House, Los Angeles (2007). Group shows include: ‘Space Revised’, GAK, Bremen (2009).

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