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This year Frieze Film commissioned Cally Spooner to make a project to be screened in the auditorium at Frieze London 2014.

Baby I Got Better Things To Be Doing With My Time






For Frieze Film 2014, Cally Spooner created a series of 8 pop-up, commercial interruptions, screened in between the talks and video programme. These also operated as advertisements for her own forthcoming film. Featuring hired backing dancers performing corrections to an employee’s voice, the commercials arrive as agitated, choreographed dances, building into repetitious sameness, as they accumulate over the course of the fair. Cally Spooner’s project is co-commissioned and produced by High Line Art. Her forthcoming film – a screen adaptation of her 2013 musical And You Were Wonderful, On Stage – will be produced by Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 2015, made possible with support from Arts Council England and a production residency at EMPAC, USA.

Cally Spooner (b.1983, UK) is a London-based artist and writer who draws from pop-music, current affairs, corporate rhetoric and philosophical writing to address the automation of speech and attentions, outsourced subjectivity, the hired body as a technology, and our contemporary condition as a state of technical dependency.

Spooner’s Frieze Film commission is written and devised by Cally Spooner, with choreography by Adam Weinert, videography by Pierce Jackson and editing by Cally Spooner with huge thanks to Jesse Watt.

Download the Programme Booklet for Frieze London

Frieze Film is a programme of artist films commissioned by Frieze Projects and screened at Frieze London.

In 2014 Frieze Film is curated by Nicola Lees (Frieze Projects).

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