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Frieze Talks 2014

Feeling Used: The Appropriation of Sexuality


Thursday 16 October: 1.00 pm

A panel discussion on the slew of recent exhibitions and projects that draw upon queer and alternative sexualities.  Who has access, or the right to access, such imagery? Featuring writer Jennifer Doyle, artists Simon Fujiwara and Linder, and chaired by Paul Clinton (frieze).

  • Jennifer Doyle (writer and academic, Los Angeles)
  • Simon Fujiwara (artist, Berlin)
  • Linder (artist and musician, Heysham)
  • Paul Clinton (writer, curator and editorial assistant, frieze, London)
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Queer Spirits and Other Invocations: AA Bronson & Helen Molesworth


Thursday 16 October: 3:00 pm

Artist AA Bronson in conversation with Helen Molesworth, recently appointed Chief Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

  • AA Bronson (artist, Berlin & Toronto)
  • Helen Molesworth (Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles)
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Bruce McLean (action sculptor) interviews himself


Thursday 16 October: 5.00 pm

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Pioneering British artist Bruce McLean will present a keynote lecture in the form of a performance.

  • Bruce McLean (artist, London)
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Adventures in the Field: The Anthropological Turn


Friday 17 October: 1:30 pm

What happens when contemporary artists take over the tools and methods of the social sciences and then venture into unknown territory to make new work? Are artists turning to ethnography, archeology, and museology to question the politics and history of our time, or to restore the magic and wonder of their process?

  • Iman Issa (artist, Cairo & New York)
  • Naeem Mohaiemen (artist and writer, Dhaka & New York)
  • Dieter Roelstraete (Senior Curator, MCA, Chicago)
  • Kaelen Wilson-Goldie (writer, Beirut)
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Charles Atlas in conversation with Wu Tsang


Friday 17 October: 5:00 pm

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Artist Wu Tsang in conversation with Charles Atlas, whose use of film as a platform for producing dance and documenting the underground has been one of Tsang’s formative influences. Chaired by Stuart Comer (Museum of Modern Art, New York).

  • Wu Tsang (artist, filmmaker and performer, Los Angeles)
  • Charles Atlas (artist, filmmaker and designer, New York)
  • Stuart Comer (Chief Curator of Media and Performance Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York)
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Trevor Paglen: Aesthetics of the Invisible


Saturday 18 October: 1:30pm

A keynote lecture by the New York-based artist Trevor Paglen, whose groundbreaking writing, research and artwork in the field of experimental geography was recently honoured with a Pioneer Award from the Electronic Frontier Foundation; followed by a Q&A with Omar Kholeif, writer and Curator at Whitechapel Gallery, London.

  • Trevor Paglen (artist, New York)
  • Omar Kholeif (writer, editor and Curator at Whitechapel Gallery, London)

Jon Ronson: An Afternoon of Public Shaming


Saturday 18 October: 5:00 pm

Bestselling author Jon Ronson, known for his book The Psychopath Test (2011) and for co-writing the film Frank (2014), will introduce his forthcoming book in ‘An Afternoon of Public Shaming’.

  • Jon Ronson (writer, New York)

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Frieze Talks is a daily programme of keynote lectures, panel debates and discussions, presented by Frieze Projects in collaboration with frieze magazine. Frieze Talks 2014 will be curated by frieze editors Jörg Heiser, Christy Lange and Amy Sherlock.

Frieze Talks are open to all ticket holders for Frieze London. Seats are available for reservation from midday on the day of the talk. Podcasts of each talk can be downloaded online at a later date.

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